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A thrilling World War II adventure set in occupied France, featuring an Indian RAF pilot. Great for fans of Michael Morpurgo and John Boyne, and those who want diverse historical fiction. 

Thirteen-year-old Joelle Breton stumbles across Indian-born RAF pilot Mohinder Singh when his plane crashes in occupied France and it’s up to her and her parents to hide him from the Nazis. After all, her parents are brave members of the French Resistance and will do everything they can to help get Mohinder back to Britain. But when they are betrayed and tragedy strikes, Joelle and Mohinder will have to act fast if they are ever to evade the enemy. 

“Bali Rai’s writing is a perfect balance between simplicity and truth for children to grasp the realities of these events during WWII.” –  Blogger,

“I really enjoyed Mohinder’s War […] there’s plenty of drama and action and it makes for an exciting and tense read.” –  Get Kids into Books,

“A fantastic insight into life under German occupation which shines an important light on the role of Indian soldiers fighting for the British.” –  Chrikaru Reads,

A gripping adventure in an exciting new series reflecting the authentic, unsung stories of our past!Now or Never brings a young soldier, Private Fazal Khan, from his home in India to the battlefields of the Second World War. Fazal’s world is now focused on Company 32 and the animals he cares for in the midst of one of the most frightening times in history. And as he and his friends make their way to the beaches of Dunkirk, Fazal must deal with even more than the terrors of a dangerous trek to reach the evacuation zone.

The Company’s captain defends his troops in the face of a terrible betrayal at the point of rescue: not everyone has welcomed the help brought by the Royal Indian Army Service Corps. Now Fazal is forced to question why he is even there and why he is expected to be loyal to a king whose people don’t all see him as their equal.

“This would be ideal as a class read for those studying WW2 at school – especially as it presents a very different perspective of the war. A totally recommended read, just not an easy one.”